Friday, October 26, 2007

Faaaahbulous Friday!

Someone thinks I'm faaaahbulous. And, since it's Friday and I am wearing a fancy new outfit and just picked up A FANCY NEW BIKE (!!!), I'm going to concur.

I am.

And so are these ladies...

Dying Water Buffalo, because honesty and vulnerability in writing is a rare gift, and she certainly has it.

Meggan Ann, because she's going to rock the Philly Marathon with grit and determination.

The Big Bad KBB, because she gets poop jokes, can dress fancy like a girl, and is not afraid to tell it like it is.

Siren, because she hearts triathlon more than most bloggers out there. Plus, she just tethered her dog to a baby carriage so she can run after her little nugget arrives. That, my friends, is dedication!

Laurie, because she's the most AMAZING cheering squad any triathlete could hope to have, hands down.

IronMin, because she stepped up for Wisconsin and is going to lay it all out there, which (of course) reminds me so much of my last winter. Cheer her on, guys!

(okay, i'm still in the "I" section of my reader...this may be a long one!!)

Jenny, because she's nurturing and adventurous and honest and a simply lovely person.

Nytro, because...well, duh. Read her blog.

Mishele, because seeing her cheering on my run up the Helix after the swim in Wisconsin was so darned fun!

Momo, because she never fails to leave comments that are just so right on. And her feet pictures.

Turtle, because she has worked so hard for her IMFL goal and I'm so darned excited for her!

Megan, because she's that cool and is falling in love with day old cheese. Who wouldn't love that?

Tea, because she just simply rocks. Rock. Star.

Stronger, because she offers up her heart and soul for everyone and asks nothing in return.

TriSaraTops, because she's a baby-making iron machine.

And, of course,

Bold, because what other man could handle such a bevy of faaaahbulous babes??


Laurie said...

Awwww! Thank you!

I think you're fabulous too :)

Tea said...

ABFAB! all the way! totally!

IronMin said...

You.Are.Fabulous! Thanks for thinking I am too!

How's the new ride?

JohnnyTri said...

U R Fabulous is right!


Steve Stenzel said...

"baby-making iron machine" - I love it!!!

momo said...

ah, thank you! for once, i'm speechless... :-)

Bolder said...

ha! Momo thinks she's speechless...

i'm a faaaaahbulous babe!

you are fabulous.

keep being you.

Krista said...

Aw! I squealed. Out loud. xo.