Wednesday, October 03, 2007

T'anks, peeps!

Anybody ever tell you that you guys give great advice??

Well you do!

Thanks for all of the great advice on the new bike purchase -- all of it was excellent. Here's where I am now...

...Since everyone was in support of giving 650s a chance, I did some actual (gasp) research on what the difference is. I think I was just ill informed before -- I had the impression that the wives tale was that they were faster but the reality they were slower. What I learned was that the difference in speed/acceleration and handling are pretty negligible. I found some great resources to read and now am ambivalent about it...if the right bike has 650s, that's totally fine. Seems like the differences are very small.

...Don't worry -- while the temptation is there, I'm totally NOT going to buy a bike online! But, I did want to do some research and have an idea of brands that would be in my price range and size since that dictates where I go to shop. (For example, sadly my favorite bike shop only sells Jamis and my most hated shop is the largest Trek dealer in the area. Go figure!)

...I found what seems to be the perfect place for me to start, and likely end. High Road Cycles. They have two local shops and carry a ton of triathlon brands, including Trek and Specialized. They also have a number of ones for me to try and even will do my fitting evaluation for free, before putting me on a demo. I'm there: 11:30 on Sunday morning. With bells. :)

(High Road also has a multisport club that is encouragingly close to my home! I'm going to ask them about what levels its members are, but it could be a chance for me to train with other wackadoodle triathletes, instead of doing everything solo. Might be nice!)

...The Fit. I am absolutely doing a full fit once I get the new little nugget in my hot little hands. No doubt. I want every ounce of power I can squeeze out of her and lots of comfort. I have big plans for next year (oh...I didn't tell you those yet...???...patience IS a virtue...)!

...Upgrading. I love the idea of being more conservative for the main purchase and then upgrading the items I need/want (is there a difference?) and adding tools I can use. The sales guy I talked to said they have a ton of 2007 models still on the floor, including ones in my size. I may be able to underspend for the full setup and then upgrade components in drive train, like Monica suggested.

...The unexplored. Cervelo keeps coming up, again and again, but I just don't know very much about their bikes. Maybe a little research will do the trick...

Anyway, thanks again for all of your help!!!


Andra Sue said...

I know everyone else said this (and that I already commented on the Cervelos--of which my household has two)...BUT I just want to reiterate that your purchase should ultimately be decided by test rides. Even bikes of the same price and pimped-outted-ness level feel SO different. Try not to get attached before you ride something. Much luck! :)

21stCenturyMom said...

Very exciting! I can't wait for you to post some bike p0rn.

I so hope that club is open to all levels and you join. Joining my race club as been the most fantabulous thing I've done this year. I come in last out of everyone but I still am having so much fun with these people and the elite athletes have been both supportive and helpful. I've learn a lot from them. Let us know what you find out.

1HappyAthlete said...

Don't forget about Kuota!!

Mallie said...

Don't forget that there's nothing wrong with test riding a bike at one place, finding you like it, then shopping around to see where you get the best price. This includes the dreaded ONLINE.