Monday, August 20, 2007

Items of Great Necessity

[oops! sorry for the double post! who knew that Ctl-P = publish in blogger! not me!]

...that's the name of my packing list.

I am SO neurotic when it comes to making lists and, you know, it's a neurosis I'm pleased to hang onto. The one about hospital corners on the bed is one I could lose. But this one: Good.

Here is my planning list for my race day and race day prep. Since I love to look at the lists others make, I thought someone may get a kick out of mine. Enjoy!

Items of Great Necessity
Race Day & Prep Checklist
* in transition/special needs bags


Antifog Drops
Body Glide (#1)

Race Day
One-piece bathing suit
TYR bra
Ankle Strap
Chip (provided by IM)
HRM strap
Cap (provided by IM)


Chain lube
Cleaning shammy
Small/med screwdrivers
Scissors (small)
Tire pump (floor)
Electrical tape

Race Day
Asics low-cut socks *
Cycling shoes *
Goody cycling shorts *
Goody cycling top *
Gloves *
Helmet *
Sun glasses *
Inhaler (# 1)(on bike)
Bike number (provided by IM)(on bike)
2 x 28 oz bottles (on bike)
Electrolyte pills (on bike)
700 tube (# 1)(on bike)
CO2 repair kit (on bike)
Nutrition for first half (on bike) [still refining details on this]
Spare contact lenses (on bike)
Lube, travel size (on bike)
Garmin (on bike, cleared and off)

Alternative clothing for weather
Goody Rain jacket
LL Bean Vest
Arm warmers
Long sleeved blue jersey

(1) Mounting the Garmin properly on new bars or wear on wrist?
(2) Small or large saddle bag?

four Jamis 28-oz bottles, travel size lube bottle, extra inhaler



Race Day
Asics *
Asics low-cut socks *
UA compression shorts *
Running top w/back pocket *
Visor/hat *
Reflective tape *
Iroman lap watch *
Race belt w/number *
Nathan QuickDraw bottle *
Body glide (# 2) *
3 x GU Lemon Sublime *
3 x GU TriBerry *
Inhaler (# 2) *

Alternative clothing for weather
Long sleeved green top
3/4 length tights
LL Bean vest

(1) Adding pocket attachment to race belt -- instead of Nathan?

Extra running socks, Running top with pocket, reflective tape, small Body Glide


Bill said...

Curious to see which route you take with your Garmin.

I've been mulling over the same with my HRM. Looking at 7 hours on the bike, I think I'd be just fine with it on the bars, since I'm using it to keep my HR consistent through the race, especially since my course is so hilly.

I don't think the few seconds putting it on or taking it off are going to break me.

Jeremy said...

That is a great list...and if it makes you feel any more at ease, they will have anything you can possibly imagine for sale at the race site prior to the race in the event that you think of something last minute. For example, at LP I decided right beforehand that I wanted 2 spare tubes instead of 1. They had a bagillion for sale, so no problems.

Enjoy every second of the experience. You will be awesome on race day!

momo said...

is your plan to have the garmin for the entire bike and run portion? i debated for cda, i didn't think the battery would last that long, so i used my polar on the swim and during the bike and then put my garmin (for speed, etc only) on the other wrist for the run. truthfully, though, by the time i got onto the run - i could have cared less what my speed or pace was... :-)

i'm so EXCITED for you!!

Tea said...

Just seeing that list got me all excited for you. I guess it's starting to feel pretty darn real for you!

I think you're going to do great!

Mallie said...

What about some tire levers should you need to use that tube? are they in your CO2 kit? Your list is a thing of beauty!

Tony said...

I have been wondering about the garmin delema as well. I might keep it charged for the run because this is my weakest event and hardest on my heart.

You are going to rock!

Mary Sunshine said...

This is the most comprehensive list I've ever seen! You should patent and sell it!!!!

I wish you a great couple of weeks and one fabulous RACE!

Siren said...

Oooo... crazy lists make me tingly all over! This one is rivals even my insane race checklist : )

Trish said...

Good work!!I had Wet Ones in my T2 bag at IMCdA to wipe my grimy, sticky hands and face. A friend used a wet wash cloth in a plastic bag ... very refreshig:)Also, you might want a towel in your T1 bag. Best of luck!