Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Everyday Hero

Just a reminder to the Ironman Wisconsin racing/volunteering/spectating group... Don't forget to nominate someone you think would be a good fit for this year's "Everyday Hero" award at the Wisconsin race. I know who I think is the perfect fit, so I'm going to write Helen with my nomination.

Have you been inspired by someone's journey? Have they shown the qualities of a true hero, in a world of sporting that leaves so much to be desired and opportunities wasted? If so, take a few minutes over lunch or whenever to nominate that person for the Everyday Hero award.

In a world with so few, we need to shine the spotlight on those how truly make a difference in the world. Shine away!


Ford recognizes special Athletes with the
“Everyday Hero” Award

The next individual to be recognized as a Ford “Everyday Hero” Award will be at the Ford Ironman Wisconsin on September 9, 2007. This program has been created by Ford to recognize the efforts of special individuals who have had a positive impact in their respective communities.
The winner of the “Everyday Hero” Award will receive an entry slot into any North America Sports Race in the next year; including those already full to general entry, in addition to a $1,000 donation to a local charity of their choice as well as other prizes. The recipient will also receive local exposure in the form of video coverage at the Ford Ironman Welcome Dinner where they will be seated with the Ford corporate representatives.

Ford presents an Everyday Hero award at every full-distance Ironman event on the North America Sports race calendar. The Everyday Hero Award is geared toward athletes who have contributed to a person, charity or organization in a significant way and who have done so while undertaking the rigorous training for an Ironman event. The recognition tied to the award will give the Ironman community a first-hand account of the contributions and sacrifices this person has made.

We know there are many stories of athletes who have used their Ironman journey to improve the lives of people and organizations in their community. Please help us to recognize these special individuals and their causes. Send in your submission for a Ford Everyday Hero to North America Sports, via e-mail at helen@nasports.com.

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