Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Oh, and don't forget...

...to register for the GYGO Virtual Tri-Geek Challenge! A fabulous way to start the new year doing exactly what most of us will be up to all year long (swim, bike, run, rinse, repeat comes to mind...).

I, myself, have already checked that the Y is open. So, I'll be joining all of the New Years resoluters (It's a word!)* with some splashing around in the water, drying off on the bike, and shvitzing my way through three miles on the dreaded mill.

But symbolism goes a long way, people, and I'm DOWN with the symbolism of this event.

So. Go. Register. Pick whatever distance you want and have FUN with it!!

Kick the year off on the right foot. Or fin. Or whatever.

* okay, not really


TriSaraTops said...

Y? I don't need no STEENKING Y! :) hee hee I'll be swimming in Lake Erie for as long as I can stand, with a few of my crazy buddies. Long live the GYGO tri!

Happy holidays!

ironjenny said...

We are swimming in Lake Minnetonka after we finish cutting a hole in it. ;-)

Duane said...

And I was complaining because the pool was not heated to 80 degrees as usual (it was only 75). Sara and Jenny are studettes! Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays! I will also be doing the GYGO New Years Tri also!

Siren said...

Alas, my gym is closed and I'm not yet crazy enough to wait for them to cut a hole in Lake Michigan so I can swim in it, so I'm stuck doing it on the 31st.