Monday, December 18, 2006


da da daaa daaaah
da da dadada
dada da daaa
dada da da da ...

Okay, enough annoying 80s songs to get stuck in your head on an early Monday morning.

Going on a little hiatus from the blog-o-li-cious scene for the holidays. The next week is ridiculously full, which I should count my lucky stars for, but it seems a little overwhelming right now. So much time needs to be spent gathering glorious gifts and wrapping them for all my loved ones. Visiters are coming into town (yeah Lil'Sis!!!!!) and Mighty M and I will be traveling around the area making sure everyone we love knows it. I'm looking forward to the hours my sister, Dad, and I will spend around the tree and by the fire. Plus, this year is all that much fuller with M's family who is, thankfully, also local. (Whew.) We get to share gifts with a 2 year old niece who never stops chatting and I always want to stow away in the car with us when we leave, and her baby sister who is just a nugget of cuteness. And hopefully in between we can steal some time to ourselves for our first Christmas together.

So, I'm going on a little blog vacation, but will be back soon. And you guys should, too. Spend time away from the computer if you can -- and away from training for that matter -- and gather those you care about around you. Be well, travel safely, and take advantage of the time together.


JohnnyTri said...

Have a great Christmas and enjoy that family time! Take pictures, lots of them. Nothing better than good pictures of family during the holidays!
C-ya when you get back to the Blog-o-li-cious scene!
and Happy New Year!!!

Siren said...

Merry Christmas!!

Here's those recipes... (sorry to post it, couldn't figure out what your email was)

"Recipe" for the picture on my blog:

Actual recipe for alternate version that makes a sauce from the Nutella (which I tried and it was fabulous):

ClareUK said...

Merry Christmas- seems like you've got a full and happy one ahead.

My blog holiday will be resuming in Jan too, so Happy 2007!

SimplyStu said...

Hey - was that song from a group called Eurpoe??? I think I had one in college!