Thursday, September 21, 2006

Training Logs

Training logs are like bike seats...a good one is hard to find and a bad one can ruin your day.

I found a great site (thanks due north!) that made it through the Three Bears wasn't too complicated, tracks just enough information for me, and feels juuuuust right. In case you haven't heard of Buckeye Outdoors, take a second to check them out. I particularly love the calendar view, the personalized routes, and the week totals. Plus, I'm now accountable to the world in my sidebar summary. Nothing like public humiliation as a motivator to get up early...



Flatman said...

They are the best I have found so far too. The admin (and founder) is a cool guy that will help out with any problems or suggestions you might have, too!

Bolder said...

look forward to racing with you at IMmoo!