Friday, September 15, 2006

PB & Yeah!

Well, I managed to stay both on the sidewalk and upright this time, for which my knees are very thankful.

But I did decide after work that I was going to replace the shoes that I've been using for, er, about a year now. Who knows if they've been contributing to the IT issues, but since I'm a gal who needs stability, they may not be up to the job any more. Now, they are not in FULL retirement, but let's just say they're definitely checking out time shares in the Outer Banks.

I was a little nervous about taking these new pretty ladies out for the first time, but they felt great (GREAT!) -- really comfortable, I'm striking just right, and for once my arch feels supported. Of course, they look entirely too *new*, so I'm going to have to do something about haaas been raining out here for a few days...trail run anyone??

Anyway, the run felt FABULOUS and turned out to be a personal best for me! Okay, only by about, oh, 2 minutes...but *still*! Normally my 5K is 32 minutes...each and every time I do one, I'm right around there...never below. Sometimes I feel haunted by my 10 minute miles...they seem so slow next to my fancy tri-friends who are pulling 7 minute averages in Olympic distances. But, of course, we both pass the same finish line. I just do it a little later than (many) others.

But, today's run came in at a strong (and sweaty) finish of 29:43. Even Mighty M thought it was quicker than usual when I stumbled in the front door! (Or maybe it was my red face and sweating all over the foyer.)

Considering I've been on the recovery list for a little while, that's a darn good time in my book.

Now it's off to bed and an important charity walk in the morning with my favorite MedicalMaven. A 5k walk in memory and honor of MedicalMaven's mother who passed away earlier this year from ovarian cancer. She has been greatly missed and fondly remembered.

I will certainly report on the events of the day...but for now it's time for fizzy water, Court TV latenight, and the big bad bed.

Sweet dreams!!


LBTEPA said...

well done on your pb! BTW you are faster than I am; I do 7 min kms! Enjoy your new shoes

Jeremy said...

After reading your inspirational e-mail to Kahuna and Iron Wil I figured I had to stop by your blog and say hello. Your words were incredibly powerful. Great to see a new addition to the Alliance from PA no less. Congrats on crushing your PR in the 5K and best of luck with your journey to IMMOO in '07!