Tuesday, September 19, 2006

My Dad deserves a mug...

…like the ones we used to give our Dads on Fathers Day that say “World’s #1 Dad” or “Best Dad Ever.” Today my Dad totally deserves a mug. He sent these be-a-u-tiful flowers to me at the office. Work has been keeping me busy with a board meeting and a big deadline, and tomorrow I have to say goodbye to my longtime cat companion, Cleo. So Dad thought I needed a pick me up.

And, you know what, I did. Thanks Dad.

(ps -- there's the guy in the picture! oh, and ignore my baaaad perm...)


Donald said...

Hi. Thanks for stopping by my blog. This is my first time here, so I've just been looking around - and that's quite a goal you've set for yourself. Good luck with your Ironman training now and into 2007. I'll be checking back.

Lil' Sis said...

Yes folks it is true...the man we call "Dad" rocks! I am sorry for everyone else in the world because they don't have Dad as their Dad but then again we can't all be this lucky! Of course the cherry on top is his daughter, and author of this web-site, who is kicking ass and taking names as she trains for the Iron Man…I am truly proud of you and your site J and all of your hard work towards this goal (especially since I would rather eat my own foot then attempt the IM)