Monday, July 07, 2008

Life *is* good

A family beach house, full of good people and good times,

A two-year old with limitless energy, a bottomless tummy, and a love of Uncle Mighty M that might rival mine,

A four-year old with a genetic love of all things beach, a willingness to be everyone's best friend forever, and the thoughtfulness to make sure we always had a "plan,"

Ice cream, and lots of it,

Sisters, both of them,

Salt and pepper shrimp on sticks and marinated flank steak, cut thin,

Buckets of coffee,

Leaving my car parked untouched for days,

Running the boards with my beebie,

Fireworks watched from beach blankets,

Seeing sparklers for the first time,


Digging in the sand with buckets,


Wine and friends on the porch,

Grown up naps,

60 year olds on bumper cars,

Christmas shopping in July,

Children's laughter in our home,

The use of the subjunctive,

Early morning thundershowers,

Sand toy bags,

and family.


Flatman said...

sounds perfecto.

Anonymous said...

Aren't long weekends THE BEST! Ah, sounds dreamy! :) Jen H.

Kevin said...

Sounds great

Calyx Meredith said...

What a joy! (I want a weekend like that!)

Comm's said...

You have pretty much described the perfect family trip. How awesome.