Thursday, December 13, 2007


My back hurts.

Not my upper back, just the lower. Kind of in two vertical columns where others have muscles. Apparently I have them, too, cause they're calling me dirty names right now.

What? You can't hear them? That must be because my calves are drowning them out with their own cries of complaint. This time it's the tops of my calves, not the bottoms. Keeps things interesting, ya know.

And did you know there's a weird muscle that's right near your armpit? Not technically in your armpit, just right in front?

Yeah. Me neither.

Until today.

Last night I lifted for real. Go figure. I have lifted in the last month, but it has been the slooooow easing into anatomical adaption phase type of lifting. Some here, some there, just ease yourself into it. And when your coach, who also writes in ALL CAPS, says "ease into it"... you tend to take the "ease into it" just as seriously. It's a sanity thing.

Sometimes I got to do my routine at home, which is fantabulous since it means I don't need to hang out with the university meat heads (sorry, but it's soooo true) after work. They're fun and all in a predictable sense, but I had enough of that in college.

But the at home lifting pales in comparison to the gym. And last night the gym hit me.

Some casual observations...

I don't know which Roman created that chair, but he should be taken out back and shot. In two repetitions of 25 shots with a rest in between for good measure.

Swapping out the pull down lat machine with a fit looking guy is fun and empowering, until you have to move the pin from 180 lbs to your 30 lbs. Harrumph.

Planks in public should be banned. Period. It's no good for the planker nor the plankee. It just ain't pretty.

That back extension contraption looks harmless enough.

Calf raises can make even the studliest calves cry. Never ever underestimate those three little inches of motion. Ever.

Aleve is your friend. And if it's not yet, send it some flowers and a nice card, cause you're going to need it soon.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not doing "reps to failure" or any crazy thing like that. I'm sure that ring of hell is waiting for, say, February.

But my body is only now starting to wake up to the idea that muscle strength is tres importante. And to get there, hitting the weights will be part of my mo. And soon it will be less of the "omgomgomgomgomg" refrain and more of "wow, maybe it's time to add another 5 lbs" going on in my head.

But until then, it's planks in public and muscling around with muscle heads in my future. And don't worry about me...I'll be able to stand up straight again soon.


Stef said...

This is funny! And so true! I love to weight train and am so glad our coach sees the value in it. I am still in AA phase but I'm probably right behind ya!

ShirleyPerly said...

It's been a long time since I lifted weights at a gym. Obviously, I'm missing some of the fun doing it at home. Good for you hanging out with the meat heads!!

Dying Water Buffalo said...

cool that you started lifting! I know what you mean about that armpit muscle. this is a very timely post, btw, I had my first lifting workout in a while yesterday as well.

give it two weeks, you won't be as sore, my dahling :)

LBTEPA said...

turn my back for a second and there are 3 posts celbrating life and love and health and strength in the happiest way! It's so nice to read what a ball you're having :)
BTW if you need any wedding advice I've done it twice, I'm good at it!

TxTriSkatemom said...

my trainer (yes, I have a trainer now!! eep!) had me doing calf raises yesterday that made my instep cramp. Yeowch! Sounds like you're making amazing progress, though!

Steve Stenzel said...

Really? You're against planks in public? They're not that bad. What I want to ban are squat-thrusts. Or anything else that ends in "thrust."

IronTRISH said...

So glad you're back!! I just hired a trainer, and our first real session is today. I'll be feeling your pain very soon :)

Tea said...

Right now, I have to live vicariously through you, and it's SO worth it.

Meggan Ann said...

Yes, strength is the bomb. And Aleve is my friend too.


Kim said...

OMG, i totally feel your lifting pain!!! so i have been avoiding the back extension machine bc i dont want to look like a jerkoff!!! and as for the lat yup, 30 pounds is my limit thank you very much! planks? forget about it. pushups? 5, thank you!