Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Ah, the holidays


There you have it.

My holiday season is. Done. D.o.n.e. Done. Whew.

What a whirlwind!

Leading up, there was much running to and fro for this perfect gift here and that matching wrapping paper there. (Yes, we match our paper...shut up!) And the food making and packing, oh my! My work is very busy right before the holidays because community partners will 'adopt' our client families and I coordinate this process. Heartwarming? Yes. A complicated mash of preferences, schedules and questions? ABSOLUTELY.

By the time I made it to Williamsburg, I was exhausted. But happy. And the holiday was full of cookies (AND MORE COOKIES SO MANY COOKIES OMG THERE WERE SO MANY COOKIES!) and family and nosogreat eating and ...

... well ...

not as much training as I had hoped for. Ah, well. Hopefully one week worth of fledgling activity will not undo all the work of November and December.

But tonight, it's back on the training wagon with a trip to the pool for a killer set, including a fun looking 100-200-300-400-500 ladder that will keep me busy. I need to make a point to write some more about my swimming, because I'm really (REALLY) enjoying it and actually (gasp!) getting better!

For now, though, I'm focusing on the half emptied suitcase in the living room, making my training on time and doing well, getting some actual food in non-cookie form into the house, and cleaning up the inevitable holiday mess that happens when you take three days off from the office.

Onward and upward, my friends!


LBTEPA said...

Actual food? Training?
Wait.. the memories are returning...
Merry Christmas to you :)

TrainingtoTri said...

I for one, would love to read more about your swimming. I just started a few months ago and am NOT getting better!

Glad you had a nice holiday.

IronMin said...

I bet the holidays also brought on a lot of talk about your new engagement too! :) I fell off the training wagon a bit too this week - no worries. The holidays are part of life, and meant to be enjoyed as much as every other part. I hear you on the real food though - my body is revolting today. "What is this?! This does not have any of the 4 food groups: chocolate, frosting, sprinkles, or sugar!"

GP said...

Ooh: ladders. Good idea! I've been a little uninspired with my swim workouts lately, and ladders sound like a fun thing to incorporate tomorrow. At least I don't break into hives when I swim. I hope.

triguyjt said...

the holidays...ahh gotta love all the goodies.
i see your sked for 08 that you are doing mountaineer. I did it last season. did you?? if so..what were your impressions? I loved the whole setup, including the hills in downtown morgantown.
enjoy new years