Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I seem to have contracted something.

I may have picked it up at the pool. Or somewhere on my handlebars of the bike. Could it have been in my stinky Asics?

Or maybe, just maybe, in that pile of athletic gear in the bottom of that special hamper in the guest room.

But I definitely caught something.

I'll tell you how I know. Just now I was typing away on the computer in a nice little email to the Elf, trying to convince her to let me double up on sessions this week to make up for a sick day yesterday. Who does that?

Me, apparently.

You see, I've been jonezing for this week.

9 and 1/2 hours of training.

BIG swim sessions, labeled as sets that "real" swimmers do. Intervals on my runs for the first time using my new zones. Efficiency drills on the bike and -- dare I say it -- a big solid brick to cap it off on Sunday.

I've been waiting for this week to start the moment it was posted up on my Training Peaks account. And yesterday I was stuck at home sick. In bed. For hours upon hours. Bored by 9:30 and brain dead from television by noon.

And tonight I was in the pool and -- even though I asked before I touched the water where I could swim uninterrupted and I was careful to check the schedule ahead of time [I'm just saying!] -- I was unceremoniously bounced by the obnoxious coach of the tiny tots learning backstroke.

And now I'm itching. I'm feeling PHYSICALLY ANXIOUS that I can't go get back in the pool tonight to finish the set. How's that for all caps! And I'm already packed and ready for tomorrow's adventures. And I've already cleared the schedule for the rest of the week's needs, moving holiday shopping out of the way of running blocks and making sure tree trimming doesn't conflict with the brick.

For all of the training I have done in the last three years, it wasn't until now that I have contracted it.

The itch. The itch. The one that renews your vigor every day and let's you dream of strong strides across the finish line. The one that lets you appreciate feeling like you can go forever even after an hour in the pool. The one that just sits there under your skin so you never need any reminder why you love to train.

You just do. Because.

Just because.

And I have it, under my skin and it itches. In such an amazing way.


Spokane Al said...

That is definitely a special feeling. I think it takes a lot of paying of dues through training to get us to the level where we reach these feelings.

Here's hoping you continue to rock and never, ever loose those feelings.

Laurie said...

I love the itch.

I'm glad you're so excited about your training :)

Kim said...

the itch is fabulous! unfortunately my current itch involves wine and deliciously fattening foods!

by the way, 115 cadence? Whaaaaaat???

Stef said...

Sorry to hear you were sick. :-( Hopefully you are better and back in action and enjoying the training as much as ever. I like reading about how motivated you are. :-)

ShirleyPerly said...

Awesome!! I hope to catch it too, the itch to train hard (not the other thing that made you miss a training day). Sounds like working with Elf has made a BIG difference.

Meggan Ann said...


And of course I missed you.

And I am sooo happy about your wedding.