Thursday, May 10, 2007

Minor Detail

Just a minor detail to correct about Saturday's ride.

Seems it's a total climb will be 5,797 feet in 76 miles.

Not the 3,500 that I originally thought.

My bad.

(omg, what have I gotten myself into???)


LBTEPA said...

are you sure ICU isn't Intensive Care Unit?

TriShannon said...

Have a fabulous ride!!!

the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

ohhh crap.

I've been crapping myself about the upcoming ride I'll be doing (Iron Horse), so, uh, you won't be alone. Tell me how it goes, K?

Mallie said...

You'll do great. Just make sure to take some of that awesome enthusiasm you exhibited in Wednesdays post and you'll spin your way up each foot over climb!

JenC said...

On an unrelated note, I wanted to give you an update about the Mountaineer race. The HFP RD told me that he'd change the XL4 category to Athena. Let me know if he follows through.

Apparently, the full title of the category is "Built2XL" or "Built to Excel". It wasn't supposed to be extra large, but he can see how it could be viewed unfavorably.

Good luck tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Consider it a great training opportunity. IM-WI is only in the 4500 ft. range.

Bill said...


I just found on that the ride portion of the 1/2 IM I'm doing next week has over 5600 feet of climbing.

Should be interesting, since there aren't any significant hills anywhere near where I ride.

Hopefully the overgeared riding into the 25mph headwinds helps...

Siren said...

1) You're going to be fine.

2) If you can pull this off, you're going to be more than fine in September!

Mallie said...

Details, puh-leeze!