Friday, May 04, 2007

Extra Extra

So that tax man came...and that's a glorious day for me. GLORIOUS!

He even figured out direct deposit. I've had employers who couldn't manage to figure out direct deposit for a minimum of 6-8 weeks following employ. But good ole' Mark can get it right in 8-10 business days. Clearly he's drinking what I'm drinking.

What does a nice little triathlete do with her new found riches?? Well...register for a RACE, of course!

(Geesh...and I thought y'all knew me by now....)

Time to finally step up and commit (at least financially) to the Med-Express Mountaineer Half Iron distance. {We'll talk later about the "mountaineer" part of that in, "how to pick the hilliest race this side of the mississippi to 'try' for your first HIM?" little talk we should have...right now i'm a little distracted by the registration process...} (Anyway...) I was a weeeee, liiiiiiittle bit of trepidation because of the bad calf issue, but even if I have to walk the 13.1 miles, I'm climbing that there mountain!

And, for those who remember my musings about Athena-ing or not Athena-ing, you'll be happy to learn that I came to a conclusion.

(clears throat)

I am an Athena.

(ta da!!)

I thought for a while about the question of whether or not to sign up for the category. And I realized that I am a competitor at heart and, while I have never considered myself competitive at triathlon, per se, I would really like to be. In other words, I'd like to see how I compare to others like me. Others who race with the same or similar biomechanics. Same or similar risks of injury. And same or similar challenges unique to my body type.

I mean...really. I weigh 164 pounds. I'm decidedly short. And I still go the distance and push my hardest. Why not see how I compare to a field that reflects me?

So, I was all excited to go ahead and click the box "Athena, 30 - 34" when I was registering yesterday.

(screeching tires...)

Wha? There's no row for Athena available! Could that be? I read the columns again. And then I see it.

Race Category: XL



(blink, blink)

Um, where do I sign up to be a Greek Goddess? Where do I click to be the incarnation of the power and glory of my dear Athena? Did they forget that category?


Clearly, this is what I'm supposed to check. XL.

I've been around for a long enough while to finally come to terms with the fact that when I buy pretty, sophisticated, adult clothing, I must consider the possibility of the X and the L. Together, next to each other, conveniently on the tag at the collar.

And I've come to terms with the fact that most of my weight is in my leg muscles (or, as I like to imagine them, rocket launchers with flair) or my distinctive curviness.

And while I joke often with Michael that I feel fat, I'm usually just bemoaning the fact that I have the genetic predisposition to forever be a size 10 and never look good running in a bikini.

All of this I have concluded without therapy or intervention.

But, seriously guys...XL?

Is that even necessarily accurate? I mean, I'm not necessarily all that much LARGER than age groupers -- I mean, they never used to try to kick me out of the swim pen before races for being too large to ride this ride.


So...there it is. I'm a fully registere Athena...(ahem) XL. I'm stepping up to the plate (the extra large plate!) and saying I care how I perform at this endeavor and I want to see how I stack up with my peers.

Do I feel extra large? Nah. But I do feel like an Athena -- strong, powerful, emboldened. I may not incorporate "Athena" (or XL, for that matter) into my identity, but I have decided to incorporate it into my racing strategy!

So. Decision made. Athena it is. Booyah.


Laurie said...

XL?! That is like a kick to the nuts, if we had them. I'd consider myself an Athena as well but I don't wear XL. Some people just don't think sometimes.

Don't let it get you down. You are much more than a size. You are strong woman!

JenC said...

XL is simply wrong. I'll talk to Scott about changing that.

I'm so bummed. I could have met you in person. I've done this race (Olympic distance) the last two years and would have done it as my prep half before IMLP but it doesn't work in the schedule. Seriously, the ride isn't that bad. Only one long climb and a few short, steep ones. Of course, you have to do them twice, but you'll be fine. On the run, it is flat for all but about a mile of each loop. Again, you will be fine. Just walk up the hill and give the "devil" the finger (You'll understand when you race).

Good luck Greek Goddess!

Wes said...

Yea, but clicking XL when you are registering for a HALF IRONMAN takes on a whole new meaning. Screw dress sizes, political correctness, and all that other crap. We are talking XL in the IRON category here. Rock on, Athena categorized tri-goddess :-)

Spokane Al said...

I think the XL reflects heart size as much, if not more than body size.

Jeremy said...

I still think that regardless of what category you long as you cross the finish line and are happy about your performance, your place in a age group Athena group won't tell much of a story. I am willing to bet that finishing in the top quartile of an Athena category or top half of a 30-34 category won't make you feel much different at the end of the day. Come September, when you cross the finish line in Wisconsin, your relative rank in your race category will probably be one of the last things on your mind. Cause you'll be AN IRONMAN...not an Athena Ironman or a 30-something Ironman...just an IRONMAN!

LBTEPA said...

How rude!
But also, what Wes said!

Duane said...

Well you can just go and kick some butt with some extra motivation! XL maybe for guys, for our adorable, worshipable Athena Goddesses? I THINK NOT!

Mallie said...

Spokane Al should get some serious "Sweet Points" for his comment. Awwwwww. But serously. Rock on Madame Athena. Greek Goddess, yes. Who gives a flying f*** what size you wear!?!?!

TriShannon said...

Ugh... how rude with the XL. You are a greek goddess... an Athena. Go show them how an Athena and an Ironman gets it done!

LoneStarCrank said...

XL cajones on the race organizers...they still have to deal with the athletes (yes you read that right a-t-h-l-e-t-e-s) when you pick up your packet. I'd ask them if they're XS size nads needed a good kickin'.

Rock on you greek Goddess! I used to think the same thing until the last marathon I did and was shocked by a little package in the mail 6 weeks after the race. Turns out I may not be fast...but fast enough to get some hardware. Nice bonus. Keep cranking! You're making us Clyde/Athenas proud.

JohnnyTri said...

maybe the RD lives on one of dos mountains and not gettn O2 to his head or sumthin` ... XL...WTF...

But hey, Way to Go for Signing up!!
your rock.. cant wait to hear more about the title of this thing.

TxSkatemom said...

It's not the XL I'm fixating on... it's the HIM. As I say nearly every time I'm in here, you are a rock star, no matter what the freakin' tag says.

Donald said...

XL totally blows - what if you're just tall, but well-proportioned? But I agree with your decision to go Athena. Rock that course.

Nancy Toby said...

Sorry I missed this post earlier! I might be tempted to tell the RD to BITE ME.

the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

yeah - athena definitely sounds more apropos than XL. Ouch!

Siren said...

Let's say we track down the race director and explain to him with all due grace and civility just what an ASSHOLE he is for the XL thing?!

And if he fails to come around to our way of thinking, well, we sit on him. With our, um, delicate Athena derriers. Until he sees our point of view ; )