Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Thanks to everyone who commented on my post about the how my Athena sizes up last week. As always, you're terribly supportive and I love it. Are you sure you don't all just want to move into the guest room? No? Yeah...that would be weird. Excellent news is that thankfully triathletes are (1) ridiculously resilient, and (2) easily distracted. After my musings on the XL category, psyched myself up with reminding myself why I do this and then immediately got distracted by whether or not I really need a new helmet just because the one I have makes me look like a 5th grader.

Having the attention span of a knat sometimes can be helpful.

What was I talking about? Right...Med Express. Duh.

JenC -- thanks for your offer to talk to Scott about the categories. (And if you haven't met Jen yet, for goodness sakes get over to her blog right now and check out how well she's doing getting prepared for her IM less than 80 days away!!) I'm sure it's just was something kept on from years past and not meant to dampen the experience. If Scott's interested, I bet we could come up with some darn creative alternatives to XL if given a little time and some coffee!

Right now I'm in very high spirits as I just got back from a 30 mile ride (hills) out in Chester County, which, as usual, blew me away with how beautiful farm land can be. I've been battling with my bike recently (really just transitioning from being used to -- and maybe a little restricted by -- my trainer sessions, to being out on the road...it hasn't been pretty, let me just tell y'all), so it was truly an important moment when I felt completely in control and full of strength to power up those hills. Good news...garmin to come soon (yeah!).

For now, happy training and happy Spring! I'm off for a run!



Steve S. said...

That IS pretty countryside. Enjoy your spring run!!

Mallie said...

Helmets don't look super hot on any of us, do they? Congrats on the awesome ride and for not letting the XL thing get you down. Hopefully the RD gets a clue from Jen and realizes there are much more creative and kinder ways to designate your class.

IronSnoopy said...

Yay you for the ride! If that picture is from your route, it certainly is purdy!

I had to laugh at your Athena story. XL is obviously not well thought out.

True story, the one and only trophy I have as an adut is from a trail race. The RD came up to me prior to the race and said, 'you look like you'd be a Clydesdale, would you mind getting weighed'?

I was shocked and slightly offended at first, but then, hey, I am not a twiggy runner type, so I got weighed, was placed in a category and proceeded to come in 2nd. The trophy is ridiculously huge. I proudly display it!

JenC said...

Thanks for the shout out! I e-mailed the RD and will let you know what he says.

Happy riding!!