Monday, April 16, 2007

Mushy Manic Monday

First snowed here last night. SNOWED! I mean really...REALLY !!! I have a ride tonight and now I have to slosh through snow for it!! Geesh...

Anyway, I have soooo very much to report, but am sooooo very slogged down with tasks that I need to focus elsewhere. But in true multitasking fashion, here is the bulleted version...

  • Look out for a race report on this weekend's "Taxing Metric," which we realized a tad bit too late was a double entendre. Ooof! But lots and lots of great lessons learned, so keep an eye out for that race report. (Don't worry, Speedy, I'm all over getting that Garmin data, too!)
  • I had the chance to meet two FANTASTIC new triathlon friends at the metric -- Cheaper than Therapy and her hubby, Speedy -- and now can confirm that my blogger buddies are actually flesh and blood people, rather that imaginary internet figments of my overactive and undermedicated psyche. No really... I have the photo to prove it!! And not only are they flesh and blood people, they are great!
  • I not only received, but got a chance to wear my fantastic new Team StayPut garb for the metric! I've got photos of all the fantastic schwag and fun goodies to come later this week! One brief reflection -- I had no idea the joy of a gel padded cycling short. What a difference!
  • After my brief throw down with my suspicions of laziness (and confirmation that I have a trucker's mouth on me) a couple of weeks ago, I can confirm that not only to I feel on track with my training, I AM on track! Aside from a minor injury with my left calf last Thursday (damnable hill training!), I'm feeling strong and fit and healthy.
  • All that training confidence aside, I'm also feeling a little scared. Of the Iron distance. And when I say a little, I actually mean a lot. I'll write more on this later, but it creeping up on me now and it's time to develop a little perspective on the whole thing.
  • I found a new bike store that is inconveniently 45 minutes away from me. The guys there (Greg and about three different variations of Josh/ua's) managed to get me tubs of Perpetuem and Heed on Friday for the weekend ride and I'm now a devotee of their shop. More on that later.
  • I've decided what not to buy for my bike! It was a series of epiphanies akin to Susannah and Trinny begin perched on my handlebars this weekend, explaining what bike bling NOT to buy. I think I saved a good $400 on this ride!
So, that's my "quick" update and, by my tally, I owe you something like a half a dozen posts! I better get cracking!

For now, though, it's time to focus on my work stuff and the insane chaos that has befallen my home. Oh, and groceries. I'm a hungry triathlete!

Have a great week, everybody!!


Ellie said...

Everything's sounding positive! You sound great!

ClareUK said...

Fantastic going! I have been doing the other stuff that you have missed out on by actually training, but you did inspire me to write my first post in about 8 weeks!!

Looking forward to the update (and in 8 weeks more weeks time, I'll update you as to how I got the bike out of the shed AND pumped up the tyres!)

Cheaper Than Therapy said...

It was great to meet you! That Garmin report should be interesting. How were you feeling on Sunday?

Tri-Dummy said...

Lookin and soundin good.

TriShannon said...

So with you on the 5th bullet... SCARED!!!