Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Quick question for everybody...

If you bonk in the pool, can everyone else hear the thud?

Um, yeah. Cause this morning there was an echoing thud on the bottom of the pool when I completely bonked somewhere around 1300 meters. Kapluey. See ya later, alligator. And all that.

I have myself to blame. I had a killer (KILLER!) run last night. Tuesdays are my long run nights and I had a 1:50 on the schedule. I headed up the Struble Trail -- a local trail to our house that I just finally followed Mighty M's advice and tried* -- and had a wonderful strong run. Spent the first part listening to Stu on the iPod (before it ran out of juice) and finished off with a loop around our local 5K route. When all was said and done, I finished 10.21 miles in 1:50!! If you know anything about me and my run pace, that is a solid pace for a Tuesday night jaunt!

Problem was that I had an errand to run with Mighty M right afterwards. So I made a recovery smoothie and headed to the mall. But I only managed to down half of the yogurt/orange juice/powder/frozen fruit concoction before getting there. Between that and the 2 cups of whole wheat egg noodles I made when I got home, I don't think I got enough gas back in my tank.

Because, like I said, there was a thunk on the bottom of the pool at 1300.

No worries, the suit is drying on my office coat rack and I'm heading back after work. There's no WAY I'm letting this session slip away from me without a fight!

So, lesson learned: When you burn 1100 calories in the evening, and replace it with only 400, don't expect to be able to swim a mile in the morning without some serious complaints from your body.

If anything, this triathlon thing will force me to be better about eating the right stuff at the right time. And go grocery shopping more often.

* Yes, were right...just like the shoes at the mall.


Mallie said...

Bonks are always nasty, but sometimes they are the wake-up call we need to get us doing things the proper way, huh?

Hope you're feeling much better after some good calories and that tonight's swim completion goes strong.

Bill said...

What a perfect day for this post.

Midway through my 3200 yards today, I lean over to my wife, who's sharing the lane with me, and tell her "Apparently I'm swimming backwards toay". She thought I was nuts.

I actually welcomed the lightning that chased us out of the pool when I was halfway through my cooldown.

Normally I swim laps after work, but the pool gets too crazy in the afternoon. So today was the first time I swam at lunch. So, similar to you, I had a solid workout before work and some refueling during the morning, but I don't know if it was enough. Normally I would have a good solid lunch and a day of snacking between the morning and afternoon workouts.

We'll see how it goes Friday...

Spokane Al said...

It is good to hear that you got that out of your system rather than during IM MOO. The glass is half full (hopefully of a decent recovery drink).

the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

dude - same thing happened to me on my tuesday afternoon swim! I had a really awesome lunch workout and was feeling bonk-ish...and those calories never really got replaced. I walked on to the treadmill 4hrs later (horrible winds kept me inside) still feeling the deficit. I think it took a day before I got it back.


Dude - you're sponsored by atalanta? I want to hear more about the supercute skirts!!!

mishele k said...

I do the exact same thing after a long run-- eat barely anything that night and wonder why I'm feeling so turd-like the next day. And yet, I never learn... hopefully you wise up faster than I do. Which shouldn't be hard.