Monday, April 30, 2007

Don't cha' think...

As my most devoted stalkers may have noticed, I've been mighty quiet and my training logs have been, as well. Here's the update on Planet IM Able.

I have been hosting a family of flies in my Chardonnay, as Alanis might say. The dreaded injury, the dreaded 'what-is-this-health-issue-all-about?', and a little dash of work related stress. All rolled up and plunked into my Ironman Chardonnay for my pleasure. Booyah.

If you troll the raceAthlete forums (which you should, because there's always good advice to be had or fun topics to read about), you know that I managed to pull my left calf muscle about two weeks ago. It's my first injury of the season and I'm approaching it with the mindset that if I rehab it properly and be smart about how much I tax it, I'll be more likely to not have it be my unknown factor come race day.

Enter stage left -- my flutter. I've recently been experiencing some odd pains in my chest and what I can only describe as episodes where my heart feels like it has tripped and fallen over itself mid-beat. It used to be occasional, so I didn't bother too much with it. But recently I'm having episodes daily, and often for a span of time each day. I've also been waking up at completely random times in the middle of the night, sitting straight up in bed and yelling out at nothing, gasping for air. Needless to say...completely freaking Mighty M out. Interestingly? I rarely remember this. So. Odd group of symptoms, might be smart to see the doc. I did and we have an echo scheduled and I have the thumbs up to continue my training at the normal rate now, absent any increase in symptoms.

And -- the third fly in my Chardonnay -- work. If you don't already know, I work as a development director for a social service agency. So I'm the go-to for all of our privately source income (individuals, events, foundations, corporations, etc). I adore my job. No really, let me say that again: I adore my job. But there comes one big event each year that takes every ounce of energy I have to follow to fruition, plus the hard work of our board members. I had hoped to not have the planning interrupt the training, but there just was no way to avoid the inevitable.

So -- bum left calf, unresolved cardiac issues, and a monster fundraiser has taken precedence over training for the last week. Last weeks totals? One swim (2350), One bike (37.71) and One run (1.5 miles).

I kid you not.

So, what's the silver lining? That's an easy one. Every training season is going to have issues like this come up -- the flu or a bad cold, unexpected in laws in town, chronic injuries flaring name it.

For me -- at least so far -- I had three crop up all at the same time. ALL AT THE SAME TIME. This, of course, means that I can take the time from training that I need to fix/address/bemoan them all ... yes, you've got it ... AT THE SAME TIME.

Love it.

So, our event was a smashing success last Saturday and I'm in the office (kind of on my day off) pulling together a last minute grant request that has to go out today. Work Stress? Check. Back to normal.

Feeling all a-flutter? Well, it's not completely handled and will definitely require some more doctors visits and tests, but my ECG on Friday gives me the thumbs up to train again at my prior level. Boyahh, people. BO-YAHH.

And, my calf and I are entering a course of couples therapy to discuss our issues and her anger with the hills I was running when she jumped ship. I think we've really been working through our issues and with a little more icing and maybe a bouquet of flowers, we'll be back on track. Literally.

So, it's Monday and I have a grant to push out the door and a bike ride to coordinate for tonight. And it's 80 degrees and sunny out. If I'm really lucky, I may be able to squeeze in a front nine of golf.

Life is good, guys. Life. Is. Good.


Marcus Grimm said...

Shame on me for not being a better stalker! I had no idea about the flies.

But you're right - better to have bad things packed together... much better than having workouts a little messed up for a long time.

Steve S. said...

ALL AT THE SAME TIME?!? Gross. Get out there and golf and relax...

John said...

Hope you got to golf and those pesky flies disappear for good and soon.

Mallie said...

I admit, I was beginning to wonder where you'd wandered off I'm glad you clued us in.

Best of luck on the calf rehab...I'm still in the throes of knee rehab and I hope you see better results than I have.

Last note, when I was severely anemic I had what I called heart flutters or palpitations. It's something easily fixed with some iron tabs, so you might want to check those levels.

TxSkatemom said...

you've got a GREAT attitude about these things that are inevitable, and not letting them get you in knots is surely helping you get over them more quickly. you'll be back to rockin' the house soon enough.

(I used to be in development, too! higher ed. but now I do consulting for higher ed student/development systems. You must be a rock star -- that's a tough gig)