Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Pressing Matters

Some points of important business to throw in your general di-rec-tion this evening...

(1) You must check out the BIG news just posted on the charity website... Go! Go! Go! ... Plus, there's a new album page where I'll post all of my pasty morning pre-race pictures for you to see. I'm sure (sure) that this will make the stats simply skyrocket.

And, everyone should know that IM Able is now up to
donations raised for Canine Partners for Life!!


(B) I really (and I'm being serious now) appreciate your input on the Athena quandary. I've been putting some more thought into it and may have come to a decision. I'll keep you posted, but know I'm really interested reading your opinions. Franks!

(iii) My poor bottom will soon have a reprieve from all the abuse. See, I've been racking up these miles on my old, original saddle from 2000. I don't even think they made gel in 2000. I know they didn't put any in this saddle. So, I broke down and made my first investment in my season with a new Terry saddle. I'm thinking this will cut down on the crying after the first hour. Maybe we can now move the tissue box away from the bike.


Spokane Al said...

Gel is truly amazing and I don't know how I lived without it. I have a gel seat, gel bike pants, gel running shoes of course, and gel bike gloves.

kozzy said...

Nice job on your fundraising efforts! I hope the new seat helps, I have one similar...gel is good.

momo said...

ah, the saddle dilemma. i've been through four so far, i think. i have a terry now, too - i think the carma - it looks pretty similar to that picture - and its working pretty well right now. i hope that one does for you too... remember to use bodyglide or chamois butter, though, that will help a LOT!