Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Livin' la Vida Loco

It's been crazy 'round here, peeps!!

Certainly not in a bad way, but in a full way. Years ago the thought of even attempting to do this much in just one day would have sent me seeking cover pronto. But now I'm completely jazzed about my life. Every busy, scheduled, running from here to there, deadline filled moment of it.

Do you ever have one of those moments? Where the words "I love my life" just slip out of your mouth quietly, when nobody is around to hear you but the trees? Last night was my first outdoor run this year and it was beautiful and warm and sunny and wonderful. People were sitting on their stoops and everyone waved and I saw fellow runners who I hadn't seen since, well, it was last nice to run outside. I just love that. Love. That.

Anyway, things have been rather full for me. Mighty M and I are finishing up the tail end of a protracted (read: painfully long) kitchen/dining room renovation project that has thrown our schedules into a bit of a tail spin. (Hence, the short training week last week!) But it's two pieces of trim and some touch-up paint away from completion and I'll share the glamour shots (before and after) when it is. Now that we're this far and M is enjoying some work time in sunny Florida, I'm poised for a nice and strong 11 hour week of training. Bring. It. On.

But the weather is warming and the weekend is approaching, so not a single complaint from THIS lady! Canine Partners for Life -- the organization I am raising money for through IM Able -- is having a puppy carnival this weekend and we get to spend it with M's little nieces and family. There's a puppy kissing booth and games and face painting for little Madison and hopefully lots of sinful food for the adults. I can smell the funnel cake now.

Right afterwards, Mighty M and I are shooting down to Virginia for Lil' Sis's move into her brand new home! I'm so proud of her -- she bought her first home solo at the age of 28! She's going through settlement on Friday, the move on Saturday, and (gasp!) doing the Cherry Blossom 10 miler on Sunday!!! Okay...if anything falls off the schedule, it'll be the run. But, maybe I can sneak into it in her place??? I do need a 1:30 run for the weekend... .

And right after that we're scurrying up 95N to get to Nana's 92nd birthday celebration in Wilmington. If all the stars align and beltway traffic parts, we'll be able to join M's family for a nice celebratory dinner.

And then, we go home and fall over with exhaustion.

But, ch'a know what? I love our lives. Wouldn't trade it for the world!

[by the way...finally broke the 2:00 line yesterday in the pool for my 100s! Did a set of 8 x 100s that dipped and stayed under 2 minutes each, followed by a strong showing of 50s afterwards. I LOVE PROGRESS! The pool and I are such good friends now... .]


Cindy Jo said...

I love progress, too. Especially in the pool. But I REALLY love funnel cakes!!!!!

TriShannon said...

So happy for you... not everyone can say I love my life. Sounds like things are falling into place. Cannot wait to see the before and after pics! Have a fun weekend and way to go on the swim! Progress is amazing!