Monday, January 07, 2008

Gear Me Out

With the advent of all my new fun training adventures, I've decided to do a little investing in me.

Okay, it didn't take too much convincing. I'm good like that. What? Invest in me? Sure! All for it.

First and foremost...I registered for some events. The Brandywine Valley Duathon is the first big scheduled item on the calendar, plus my return showing at the Mountaineer Half. Good thing I got those (lousy) $2 discounts on Active! This year, Mighty M and I are staying at the fancy hotel for the Mountaineer in Morgantown, WV. Last year, we stayed in a bit of a - um - flea bagged place. I didn't mind, but that's mainly because I was busy racing and all. Lesson: Gots to Think of Your Sherpa.

This year, M, we're in the fancy digs. I'll stock the fridge with Diet Pepsi's and you keep your eye out for pros in the lobby, okay?

Recently, I've taken to rewarding my efforts in the pool with fun play toys for -- you guessed it -- the pool! I have a brand new set of funner-than-i-thought-they-would-be paddles. I replaced my see through suit from Target with an honest to goodness SWIMsuit from Nike, with a cool matching cap (which incidentally ROCKS compared to the hair pulling latex ones). I also rewarded myself with a new gym bag that (GASP) didn't have a broken zipper and resistant attitude about getting the heck into my locker already.

And, according to UPS tracking (what ever did we do without this before??), en route from Phoenix, AZ is my brand new pair of Zoomers.

MY FIRST FINS, thankyouverymuch.

I know, I'm excited, too.

Retail. Therapy.


Along with said Zoomers, there will be a nice little Aerokit for the bars on my (ahem) new (but not named yet) bike. Ostensibly for fluids and food, I dare say the tv remote looks like it would fit snugly in there, too.

I've also added a set of 5 and 12 pound hex weights to the collection and a 4 pound godforsaken medicine ball, although the ball is technically part of an arsenal, not a collection. A fancy illumiNITE jacket to keep me safe and some long underwear (but you wear them as outerwear and nobody knows it) to keep me warm. Thanks Santa!


It occurs to me that my "hobby" may be a wee bit of financial liability to my future marriage.

Nobody mention a thing to Mighty M. M'kay?


Wes said...

I like that Aeronet. Looks way cool. Almost like it would fit my bike perfectly and such.

I was gonna say Santa came a bit late to your place. All cool stuff! Can't think of anybody who's be working harder than you. You deserve it :-)

Tea said...

uncadan8 said...

Rationalization at it's best! There is nothing - nothing - better than getting new toys. Because as we all know, they make you faster, smarter, and better looking. Which is especially helpful for me.

LBTEPA said...

it's all insurance so you can have a long healthy happy old age with Mighty M

triguyjt said...

I won't say a word shuuussssh.

Santa very good to you..and isn't it fun to get new goodies
let us know what you name your bike


JenC said...

The hotel at Mountaineer is very convenient and very nice, but unfortunately doesn't have a fridge. My husband and I usually bring a cooler and keep it filled with ice and the other stuff we need.

Retail therapy - especially gear - rocks!

Anonymous said...

That is an enviable shopping spree - I'm soooo jealous...