Monday, September 15, 2008

Over there

I've taken up residence over here. It's kind of like a new apartment. Full of possibility, fresh with paint, and oddly unfamiliar. It needs a design upgrade and I'm still trying to figure out Wordpress. But, I'm still putting it down into words when I can. There is an increased possibility I'll talk about my ovaries (eww is right) and use words like "relationship" and "inlaw" and "my stupid period." There is a distinct likelihood that I will say bad words about good things and bad people. I may even throw in some politics and race issues, just for kicks and giggles. And, of course, there will be my ongoing pursuit of the perfect training week.

But I promise to reward you with wedding pictures and stories of the days I do manage to drag my sorry ass out of bed to run. As well as all of the crazy things I think up when I do.

Stop by and say hi. I'll leave the light on.

1 comment:

Luc said...

You've been posting over there for a week and only tell us now? Tsk Tsk ( ......resetting bookmarks)